About Ora's Gold

If the state had sovereignty over your body, would you fight them for it or would you submit?

18-year-old Ora has always followed the rules unlike her aunt Dione, who is fond of breaking them. When Ora moves in with her, in the middle of nowhere, she discovers the B&B is in fact, a highly illegal birthing centre. Ora doesn't know where to turn; sooner or later someone is going to die and Dione just won't listen.

After an anonymous tip-off, Dione goes missing and Ora narrowly escapes being locked up by the Special Investigation Force forever. The beach is her only sanctuary and it's here that she meets Jake, thoughtful and experienced, who encourages her to live a little. So why is it that as soon as she starts to have some fun, everything goes dangerously wrong?

Ora's Gold is a gripping, coming-of-age, dystopia set in Australia. The female characters are a refreshing mix of strength, vulnerability and wisdom.

“Great coming of age story, edge-of-your-seat writing, heartwarming, sweet, sad – everything really! Highly recommended for adults and older teens (a few sex scenes – mildly graphic, and adult/older teen situations).”

- Wall-to-Wall Book Blog

About Charlotte Young

Writing and storytelling are a big part of Charlotte's life. Whether it’s telling the stories herself, or collecting them from others, words have power and she loves using them. Charlotte has written and edited for numerous parenting publications and was the co-publisher of Barefoot Magazine for three years. She is also the author of a non-fiction book for mothers.

Charlotte lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family and animals. When she's not writing, she can be found working with girls and women, to foster body trust and body literacy.

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“It’s a cleverly constructed dystopia and the philosophy therein could be a vital influence on the current generation of women planning pregnancy. I would like to think Ora can entice current and future birthing women to think more deeply, not accept the status quo so fearfully or gullibly, and demand change.”

- Dr Peter Lucas | GP-Obstetrician, MBBS.

“Although this book was set in this future dystopic society, it really touched on several issues of women’s rights that we face in the here and now – a woman’s right to her body. Also, the book had the most realistic depiction of live birth I’ve ever read”

- Heathery Herbert, Goodreads Reviewer.